Bridal Tanning Packages

Las Vegas, NV

2 Signature Studio Rapid Tans

The tan that made us famous and the one everyone loves!
Includes all the bells and whistles:

  • Rapid formula that allows you to shower in as little as one hour
  • Ph Balancing Prep Spray that prepares and conditions the skin prior to the spray tan
  • Moisturizing Tan Extender that moisturizes skin and locks in color that will last 1-2 days longer that cancels out odor of the spray tan.
2 Home Rapid Tans (11am - 7pm)

Experience the luxury of having our spray tan artist come to your home and tan you in just under 20 minutes.


Beautiful, even color. Every time.

Each application includes a ph balancing prep spray as well as a moisturizing tan extender to ensure your skin is prepped to perfection and results last 1-2 days longer and the spray tan odor is cancelled out.

Shower in as little as one hour for a light tan, two hours for a medium tan, three hours for a dark tan or four hours for a deep dark tan.

All ingredients are cruelty free, non-toxic and vegan.

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