Pre/Post Tan Care Tips

Before your spray tan

  • Please shave or wax your legs before your tan.
  • Exfoliate THOROUGHLY as well. This will remove dead skin and provide a new, smooth surface for your tan. Exfoliating helps to promote even coverage and lengthens the duration of the tan.
  • DO NOT USE DOVE PRODUCTS! (Or any white soaps) Dove soap and Dove lotions leave a film on your skin that directly leads to a blotchy tan.
  • Remove make-up, moisturizer (lotion), perfume and deodorant before your application.
  • Please wear dark, long sleeved and loose fitting clothing to your appointment and after your appointment. Solution washes out of most clothing very easily but tends to stain nylon and Lycra materials; therefore, dark colored underwear is recommended.

After your spray tan

  • Do wear loose clothing and flip flops. Ditch your bra for at least six hours.
  • One/two hour is a light tan, two/three hours a medium tan, three/four hours is a dark tan.
  • When you shower, use luke warm water and make a couple turns until the water is clear. Do not use any soap or lotion during this rinse. You’ll get out of the shower and pat yourself dry. You will wash all of the bronzer off during this shower, but the DHA (what changes the color of your skin) will be activating for the next 8 hours.
  • Don’t exercise for at least 24 hours after your tan, the sweat may cause your tan to streak.
  • Don't book any hair or nail appointments for 12 hours after your tanning session.
  • Don't use soaps and other body products that contain parabens, glycolic alpha hydroxy acids or sodium lauryl sulfates -- they will fade your tan more quickly. Don't use a loofah, puff or wash cloth.
  • Do moisturize every day -- morning and night. Also use a moisturizing soap-free body wash to extend the life of your tan.

Beautiful, even color. Every time.

Each application includes a ph balancing prep spray as well as a moisturizing tan extender to ensure your skin is prepped to perfection and results last 1-2 days longer and the spray tan odor is cancelled out.

Shower in as little as one hour for a light tan, two hours for a medium tan, three hours for a dark tan or four hours for a deep dark tan.

All ingredients are cruelty free, non-toxic and vegan.

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